Helping Sandeepam Vidyalaya High School students pave the way for a brighter digital tomorrow

As the pandemic raged over India, schools moved towards online classes. Many students and schools across the country faced difficulties in affording fast internet connections or appropriate devices. Aware of these roadblocks affecting our bright, young next generation, the SMBXL family got together to generously contribute towards securing them the all-important access to knowledge and education.

In October 2020, we successfully handed over 20 Galaxy Tablets and a free one-year internet connection to Sandeepam Vidyalaya High School, located in Tarnaka, Secunderabad. These devices and online access will not only help the students pursue their studies without any obstacles, but will also make certain that they do so safely without fear of COVID-19.

The SMBXL family personally met the teachers and students at Sandeepam Vidyalaya High School to transfer the tablets. It was a nostalgic time for several of us as we took a tour of the school and interacted with the staff and students.

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As SMBXL’s key focus areas involve digital commerce, and simplifying online business growth, we are delighted to do our part in bridging the digital gap in schools, in our own small way.